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Name:a fan community for the SyFy show Z Nation
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Community description:Z Nation
Welcome to Z Nation HQ, a community for all things Z Nation. Discussion of episodes, meta, theories, and fanworks of all kinds are all welcome here!

(subject to change and grow as the need arises, so please check this occasionally)

Please keep all discussion of current seasons under a cut, so people who aren't caught up can avoid spoilers.

When posting fics, please use a header that gives the basic information: author, pairings and/or main characters, genres, ratings, and any warnings (please warn for common triggers, and if someone asks you to warn for something add it as soon as you can). All fics, no matter what length, must be put under a cut. Please keep anything that isn't safe for work under a cut and label it appropriately.

All icons and graphics should be posted under a cut, though small sample images are allowed above the cut.

No bashing of ships, characters, actors, writers, etc.

Be respectful. Everyone is going to have a different opinion and that's great, but be nice.

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10k, addy carver, anastasia baranova, citizen z, dj qualls, doc, karl schaefer, keith allan, kellita smith, mack, michael welch, murphy, nat zang, roberta warren, russell hodgkinson, tom everett scott, z nation
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